Balancing People Skills
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Employer Consulting

CONDON · NERO, Inc. provides extensive employer consulting services.

These services include the education and training of employers, management staff, human resource departments, and supervisory staff regarding the workers compensation system, in an effort to minimize the frequency of injuries and reduce claim costs.  We also work with Employers to design preventative wellness programs.

CONDON · NERO, Inc. has also provided "bulk" job analyses for several local employers to include detailed job analyses of each and every job completed within a particular company. Completion and provision of the job analyses to the employer, in both hard copy and computer disk, have provided employers accurate job descriptions on hand and has resulted in speedier resolution of future claims and/or more favorable settlement outcomes, as job analyses for each position are readily available.

CONDON · NERO, Inc. has worked with local Occupational and Physical Therapists to provide accurate job station and job site ergonomic assessments, and frequently coordinates modifications to the work site. This results in reduction of claim costs to employers, as oftentimes simple, inexpensive modifications are the key to keeping or returning an injured worker to the job.

The CONDON · NERO, Inc. staff has extensive experience working with employers to identify new or modified positions to accommodate an injured worker's physical limitations, either temporarily or permanently. This results in earlier return to work, which significantly reduces claim costs to the employer and results in maintaining the injured worker's sense of self worth, thereby reducing the "disability cycle syndrome".

CONDON · NERO, Inc. is a strong advocate for return to work at the earliest possible time so as not to allow injured workers to become engrained in the disability lifestyle. Industry research has shown when injured workers and employers, along with vocational counselors, work together to coordinate modified or other return to work situations within the employer of record, all parties benefit greatly and claims are typically resolved much more quickly and effectively. We are always open to the special needs of our employer customers.